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How to clean aspect of your New Balance sneakers and a need to pay attention?

1.Shoes thrown into the pot, the pot and filled 2/3 with water, washing temperature not higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so the shoes are soaked in water, for the average net surface water shoes can add some detergent. Note: Do not let the shoes to soak in the water, you can not throw in the basin and soak the same dirty clothes on the matter, only after a long time to wash, so you did after the easy to open plastic shoes

2.Wash Sole: This is very easy, with a shoe brush to paint the soles on the soap, what pebbles in the soles of rubber crevices can use a toothpick to pick clean.

3.Wash and shoe uppers: toothbrush with waste, but do not have the volume of the old kind of gross, in fact, you can also buy a hair more than three dollars a relatively soft shoe brush to wash new toothbrush made special with a shoe brush also yes, but I feel that if a professional track and field shoes, okay, but if the usual running shoes may be too hurt the mesh. Brush with a little soap, toothbrush, brush again mesh surface, which is the same brush, and yes, before washing shoes must be removed to make laces, shoelaces grabbed the rubbing with soap on it, but also brush with a toothbrush tongue.

4.1,2 times repeated cleaning shoes, dirty water drained change clean water, shoes soaked in, do not brush soap and scrub with a toothbrush to clean the shoes. For some leather brushing with water only, you can not add any cleaning agent, or the leather will be yellow, cracking phenomenon, and avoid contact with organic reagent solution and fats and oils.

5.Swirling water: do not want you to put the washing machine dumped, you can put water in front of the shoe heel after more than a place to sponge out some water pressure pressure with the thumb. Then grab the sole, heel direction to be in front of the middle Oh, toe front behind, began to whirl around your arm from scratch a few more times rejection of shoes as possible.

6.Dry: You can easily wear a few holes with a shoelace, and then tied to the triangle clothes rack, while hanging clothes to dry, like a hanging shoe and what they will not be dry ventilated sun exposure to the place. Real leather is best to use the ball of paper or shoe care hold up the shoes, in order to avoid serious distortion.


1.Do not be the sun to avoid the use of dry heat or open flames when baking, otherwise your shoes will turn yellow harden.
2.After part of the point can be painted leather shoe polish dry maintenance.